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Liposculpture and Liposuction

Offices in Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens & Wellington, FL

  • Jet Lavage Liposculpture
  • Body Jet Liposculpture
  • Water-Assisted Liposculpture
  • Aqua Liposculpture™

The above are trade names for a new system of liposuction.

Dr. Bafitis prefers to call it liposculpture because that is exactly what it is — sculpting your diet-resistant “fat zones” artistically and safely. This new system was brought to the United States via a partnership between Human Med AG (Germany) and Eclipse Med (United States). This German technology known as water-assisted liposculpture (WAL) is essentially a revolutionary concept for liposuction.

Dr. Bafitis was among the first 10 (ten) surgeons to be introduced to this technology in November 2008. He now instructs physicians from around the United States and South America as well as Europe on the use of this revolutionary device.

Dr. Bafitis has hosted medical meetings at his state-of-the-art certified surgery center/office where he performs live surgery with a Body Jet including fat transfer procedures. Physicians receive CME (continuing medical education) credits and have a chance to see for themselves the efficacy of this system.

History of the Body Jet

Liposculpture has evolved significantly since Dr. Klein introduced the concept of tumescent anesthesia back in 1987. Now, energy-assisted liposuction is available. This includes the ultrasonic liposuction system including the Vasor and the laser-assisted system (Smart Lipo). Water-assisted liposculpture is completely new. Technically, the Body Jet is energy-assisted, although it is significantly less damaging to the fat cells (adipocytes) and surrounding tissues than any other form of liposculpture.

Dr. Bafitis likens it to literally pressure cleaning fat cells — preserving their cell membranes and inducing less trauma to any of the surrounding structures including blood vessels (arteries and veins), lymphatics, supporting soft tissues, and nerves. There is much less swelling postop and significantly less blood loss. According to Dr. Bafitis, this is the next evolution for liposculpture. He has embraced this technology fully after performing over 100 cases and seeing the dramatic difference of patients during their preop and postop period. The water-assisted liposuction system (WAL) works incredibly well for initial liposculpture patients coupled with the ability to collect a dramatically better aspirate in a closed system, the Aqua Shape “lipocollector.” This makes for a dramatic an often permanent fat grafting at the same time as liposculpture. There is a definite better “quality” of fat visibly and microscopically compared with other liposuction systems. There are many more intact submembranes around the fat cells to be used for fat transfer than in any other system.

The Jet Lavage (water-assisted) system is also significant because it can remove up to 85% of the tumescent solution that is infused — mitigating the potential for fluid overload and improving postop recovery. Furthermore, it has the ability to be even more effective in treating difficult cases like the “redo liposculpture disaster,” scarring from previous liposculpture, and “thick fat zones” like the male chest (gynecomastia) defect. Dr. Bafitis is presently using the body jet with his Integrated liposculpture tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) technique with dramatic results and very significant improvement in postop downtime.

Dr. Bafitis’ practice has a significant contingent of patients who have sought his attention to correct previous liposuction defects, and Dr. Bafitis uses the Body Jet as well as other modalities such as fat grafting and subcision to offer permanent improvement for these difficult, challenging cases.

TheBody Jet (WAL) has set the bar much higher for body contouring and can be performed safely and effectively AWAKE, or with IV sedation or with traditional anesthesia. Dr. Bafitis has changed the scope of his practice by performing liposculpture awake, and this system has been a tremendous tool towards that end. Patients can be treated without the issue of anesthetic complications and have an easier and shorter postop recovery.

NOTE: This anesthetic issue must be an approach that is determined after a full consultation. Not all cases can or should be done completely awake, although almost all can be done with minimal IV sedation.

The results speak for themselves, and Dr. Bafitis’ patients are willing to share their experiences. Call or e-mail us for a consultation and research for yourself this innovation in body contouring. Remember, know your surgeon as well as the technique employed.

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