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Palm Beach Post: Botox at the beach? You can have it at the Four Seasons

The Four Seasons Palm Beach has it all when it comes to relaxing: Ocean views, soothing interiors and a spa providing massages and facials. But in a new level of service, now offers a plastic surgeon’s services to guests who want to keep that refreshed look going, long after they check out of the hotel. Dr.…

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Dr Bafitis is at The Four Seasons Resort Palm Beach MedSpa

Dr. Harold Bafitis is very pleased to announce that he has recently been awarded the honor of becoming the very first plastic surgeon in the United States to partner with a 5-star hotel: The Four Seasons MedSpa in Palm Beach, Florida! To read more about the exciting and unprecedented partnership with The Four Seasons Palm Beach and Bafitis Plastic Surgery, you may click the link below.

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Dr. Bafitis Featured in the News for Groundbreaking Hair Loss Treatment

Dr. Harold Bafitis was the first doctor in the United States to pioneer the utilization of the latest that biomedical research has to offer. ACell uses your own stem cells in order to regrow tissue and promote healing. It can be used for major surgeries (e.g., abdominoplasty with hernia repair), wound care, and, as is…

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Dr. Bafitis Featured on WPBF News

Special Report: Worries About Waist Trainers Fueled by Celebrities Dr. Harold Bafitis cautions his patients not to follow any extreme dieting fads.  Some, as it turns out, are more harmful than others.  For anyone who has been considering trying out a waist trainer to whittle their midsection, this is a must see!

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Stem Cell Breakthrough Revolutionizes Surgery

(from NewsMaxHealth) Millions of Americans suffer from crippling wounds that won’t heal — including burn victims, cancer patients, and military veterans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. But one South Florida doctor is out to change that reality with a revolutionary new stem cell procedure that is revolutionizing modern-day surgery. Harold Bafitis, D.O., a veteran plastic…

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