Bafitis Liposculpture Patient in Palm Beach

Jet Lavage Liposculpture Before photos on left: significant contour abnormality right anterior hiproll wall, as well as right lateral thigh. The significant contour irregularities were susequent to a past poor “smart lipo” and smart lipo repair done by a non- plastic surgeon. After photos are at 12 months: Correction of contour deformity in right waist…

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Dr. Bafitis Tummy Tuck Patient in Jupiter

“tummy tuck” – Bafitis Integrated Liposculpture Abdominoplasty (“BILA”) Integrated Liposcupture Abdominoplasty/Anterior and Posterior hip roll lipoplasty To view more before and after photos – please schedule a consultation with our office.

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Tummy Tuck Patient by Dr. Harold Bafitis

Before photos on the left: Umbilical Hernia, ventral hernia (lower abdominal), localized abdominoplasty upper/lower abdomen, anterior, posterior “hip rolls”, medial thighs, saddle bags, gluteal area After photos on right, 9 months after: circumferential lipoplasty, lipoplasty of thighs, saddle bags, gluteal area, abdominoplasty, hernia repair. Significant improvement in waist after BILA* procedure. Sculpting of gluteal area,…

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