Breast Augmentation

Submuscular Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Before: A After: C Age:25 Height: 5’5 Weight: 110lb To view more before and after photos – please schedule a consultation with our office.

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Breast Augment in Palm Beach

Silicone gel High Profile cohesive implant Mentor. BEFORE: B cup AFTER: D cup Lipoplasty of the anterior axillary areas and fat grafting to the medial pole of the breasts, approximately 100 cc on the right and 80 cc on the left. Almost all Bafitis breast procedures include fat grafting at no additional cost. It is…

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Breast Augmentation with fat grafting

A subpectoral breast augmentation with fat grafting to the medial pole of the breast, approximately 80 cc on the right and 70 cc on the left, as well as lipoplasty of the anterior axillary areas.  The implants were placed in the subpectoral position. Dr. Bafitis has been a pioneer of fat grafting and has literally…

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