5-Star Reviews

Cheek and Neck lift:

Surgery has always made me quite nervous but I felt that it was time for me to do something nice for myself and facial rejuvenation by Dr. Bafitis was a life changing decision for me. From the initial consult until well after my surgery Dr. Bafitis and his staff were incredibly kind, compassionate, and helpful which truly put me at ease. As for the results, I am reminded of Dr. Bafitis’ talents every morning when I look in the mirror. It is truly amazing and I look and feel 20 years younger again. My neck has been restored to the way it looked in the picture I gave to him from my mid-twenties. Choosing to have my facelift and neck surgery with Dr. Bafitis was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I will definitely be back for any further plastic surgery.

-Joanne A.


I take great pride in my physical well-being and workout regularly; however, this never made up for the harsh appearance of my nose and the difficulty I had breathing through my nose for years. I was referred to Dr. Bafitis by a friend of mine that had his nose operated on by Dr. Bafitis and after the initial meeting I immediately knew that this surgeon was going to be able to solve the problem that was my nose. He instilled confidence in me during that initial meeting and immediately had a plan to operate on my nose that would both correct the years of difficult breathing while at the same time perfecting the contour and appearance of my nose. The staff made me feel welcomed and at home every time I visited his amazing office in Jupiter, and believe me it is a pretty fantastic place. Just as planned and promised this excellent surgeon delivered and my nose is probably one of my favorite physical features and I can assure you, I used to despise the look of it in the mirror. Furthermore, the work he did on my septum has fixed my difficulty breathing and I feel that my quality of life has greatly improved. Thank you Dr. Bafitis and staff!!!!

-Jacob M.

Hair Transplant:

I always thought hair transplantation looked quite obvious and although I desperately wanted that nice head of hair I had during my youth, I was fearful of having an obvious surgery. Having had a previous surgery with Dr. Bafitis, I met with him to discuss hair transplants and his results appeared to be amazing and very natural looking. Dr. Bafitis is the most trustworthy, kind surgeon I’ve ever dealt with and I decided to move forward with the hair transplantation. People now compliment me all the time on my head of hair and as promised by Dr. Bafitis, it looks as natural as the hair that I used to have back in my college days.

-Matthew R.


Dr. Bafitis has begun the process of restoring my youthful face!! After meeting with Dr. Bafitis and his incredible staff, and seeing their wonderful results I decided to have him operate on my upper and lower eyelids. They had become quite puffy and really exaggerated my age. This added so much age to my face!! After the surgery the staff was so helpful and I recovered quickly by doing just as Dr. Bafitis instructed. My face looks much younger and I’m going to return to have him lift my cheeks and neck to complete the process!! Thanks Dr. Bafitis!

-Janice W.

More great reviews:

Dear Dr. Bafitis and Staff,

I am writing to express my appreciation and satisfaction with my total surgery experience with Dr. Bafitis and his caring staff.  Everyone, especially Leslie, has been very caring and professional with my case. After breaking my nose on a glass door at a university where I lecture, I could not breathe properly and my nose was horribly misshapen.  The bridge was S-shaped, flattened in the middle, and the tip angled several degrees to the right.  Having endured closed nose surgery 25 years ago I knew the delicate condition of my nose made my case even more complicated due to the lack of cartilage.  I became very depressed and reclusive.

I am very lucky to have received a recommendation from an honest doctor, who admitted “your nose is too complicated for me to handle.”  He recommended the “Best Rhinoplasty Doctor in Florida — Dr. Bafitis.”

Indeed, he was correct! I now have a beautiful, straight nose and I can breathe!  I should have been born with this nose!  I am grateful to have found a doctor who is meticulous with attention to detail and brings the art of rhinoplasty to the next level.  A true master! Sincerely, Chyrisse P. Tabone, Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Bafitis, The laser procedure you performed on my face has given me a new outlook on life. While friends and family were skeptical of the outcome, everyone now admits that my face looks smoother and more radiant.

Bust most importantly, I feel more confident than ever.

Fine lines have disappeared and especially the ugly scar on my nose (from where another doctor removed a basal cell carcinoma) has dramatically improved. I felt that you cared about me as a person and made sure that I got the corect procedure needed to make my face look younger.

Thanks also to your professional staff! I am extremely satisfied with your service and highly recommend you. I found you to be an extremely competent surgeon who is abreast of all the latest in medical developments. At the same time, I also found you to be very approachable and genuinely interested in treating my individual needs. Your services were well-worth the travel overseas from Europe! – Satu

Dr. Bafitis, Thank you for all you’ve done. I love my nose!! Surgery is tough, but you made it easy for me. You’re the best! – Nicole

Dear Dr. Bishop, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for referring me to Dr. Harold Bafitis. I have been through 17 surgeries for bilateral mastectomy and follow up reconstruction. In 6 1/2 years one doctor did more damage than the one before. Needless to say my fear of surgeons is not very favorable. When you referred me to Dr. Bafitis, I was skeptical and wondering if he could possibly clean up the damage and deformity.

There aren’t enough words to praise the skill of this fine doctor. His knowledge and workmanship on taking what he had to work with and create a masterpiece.

Dr. Bafitis, removed my deformed unfitted implants, cleaned up all the scar tissue, did liposuction from where the last surgeon blundered and even though I’m with out implants for the first time since my mastectomy, I can look in a mirror again.

Dr. Bafitis has gone as far as to offer to come to another state to reconstruct my breast when I’ve reached my final weight loss. This is indeed a man who deserves the title of Doctor. – Gail

Dear Dr. Bafitis, I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to you and your staff for the excellent care and service provided to me during and after my cosmetic surgery preformed by you.

I considered several physicians before making my initial appointment with you and I was very impressed by the way you took considerable time and effort to explain the procedures, give me a tour of your facilities, made me feel at ease and give me several recommendations regarding the surgery I had been considering.

I am also impressed with anyone especially physicians who show positive energy and enthusiasm in their work. Also my gratitude to the rest of your professional staff. – M.J

Dr. Bafitis, You are truly an incredible doctor who is extremely talented. You also have an unbelievable bedside manner, that did not go unnoticed. You did a fabulous job on my breasts and I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am about my legs! I greatly appreciated your generosity towards me and your sincerity about my well-being. – Susan

Dear Dr. Bafitis, Thank you for the gift of your time and talents to make my body look normal again. Thanks for caring. – Mary, Breast Cancer Survivor

Dr. Bafitis, Your caring and sensitivity to me and my family has restored my faith in the medical profession. I wish to thank you with all my heart. – Anne

Dear Harry, I not only look and feel different but my entire outlook on a healthy lifestyle has taken on a wonderfully positive change.

I feel you have afforded me the opportunity to feel and look great and you gave me such an incredible jump start. I enjoy looking in the mirror both dressed and naked.

I will always be grateful for your tremendous generosity of skill, talent and time you gave to me for my surgery. I never expected this outcome and thank you and god each day.

Your staff is outstanding also. They were all so warm, caring, helpful and excited for me that it added to the whole experience making it great. – Denise

Dr. Bafitis, I realize that you went up and beyond what I actually paid for during my recent surgery. You are a surgeon of integrity and great skill and I am glad I chose you. I really appreciate your “extra” attention to detail and making me feel comfortable. Thank you for all of your kindness and generosity in this surgery.

I also want to commend your staff — I have been quite impressed with all.

Thank you again. – Julie

Dear Dr. Bafitis, I just wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful work you did on my breast reduction. I am very pleased with the results.

I feel and look so much better. Now I can wear all the shirts I’ve wanted to, and bathing suits.

You’ve changed my life and you’ve given me so much more confidence.  – Andrea

Dr. Bafitis and all his wonderful staff, you all made me feel safe and cared for. I expected professionalism, I was rewarded with care and compassion. Thank you all. – Judy

Dr. Bafitis, I have so many feelings about how you have enabled me to be proud of how I look and feel, I could never express them all.

You and your staff gave me the support I needed to go from “chicken” to “courageous!”

I am so happy with the physical and emotional results of my surgery, and I praise God for guiding and confirming to me that you were the one to perform it. My husband and I wish to thank you form the bottom of our hearts for making possible a new life for me free of pain and embarrassment. – Tami

Dear Dr. Bafitis, I wanted to take a moment to express my self. Words don’t seem to be enough. What you have done for me I thought could never have been done.

You gave me a look I had only dreamed of. I want you to also know I love myself, I used to feel ugly when I looked in the mirror and shy away from pictures.

I have had so many complements on my looks because you did more for me than I could have ever been able to do without your knowledge and warm heart.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Cheri

Harry, For some reason, I had worked up a great deal of fear and anxiety regarding the anesthesia. Thank you for listening and being sympathetic towards my feelings. Whatever you used was wonderful and made a huge difference when I came around. I was very afraid before the surgery — but everything looks great and I’m beginning to believe that maybe my body is finally going to cooperate. Thanks for being so kind and patient during a very emotional time for me. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort and poured all of your resources and talent into me. Thank you for not giving up on me. You’ve been a great doctor. Thank you! – Lori

Dear Dr. Bafitis, I want to thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job on my breasts. The results couldn’t of been better! You are also one of the nicest people I have met so far, and of course a true artist in your field. Thank you again for the special care the day of the surgery and after too. You are one of a kind. – Anna

Dr. Bafitis, Thank You so much for my new eyes. You did a wonderful job. It’s so nice to look in the mirror and see fresh bright eyes. I also wanted to thank you for your generosity, you did more for me than I asked so thanks a million. – Kymberly

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