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Cheek Lift – Nonsurgical

Nonsurgical Cheek Lift Surgery (Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington Fl)

Proven Breakthroughs In Plastic Surgery
The Bafitis Natural Youthful Direction Cheek Lift

By Dr. Harold Bafitis

Over the years, people have come into our office and have gently pulled up on their cheeks, showing an effacement and literal removal of jowls and an improvement in the area just under their eyes.

What they are basically doing is improving the volume in the middle one-third of the face.  This has become an aesthetic standard in plastic surgery:  When we show the effects of a cheek and neck lift, we gently sweep the facial fat and tissue vertically, filling the infraorbital hollows, improving the dimension and volume in the cheeks.

What patients have come to know is that the standard cheek/neck lift has dramatically improved their appearance, but it comes with the price of swelling between two to four weeks.  The swelling is usually associated with fat transplantation into the upper face, which usually creates some exaggerated puffiness for up to one month.

What patients desire is a relatively low-cost, straightforward procedure that can be done without general anesthesia and, in fact, done without any anesthesia; just local in the office with relatively no downtime that can improve the contour of the cheek.

The answer has now come with the use of the “Bafitis Natural Direction Youthful Direction cheek lift.”  With the use of Silhouette™ sutures that have absorbable cones that literally catch the fat in the cheek and jowl zones and lift it into more natural youthful direction, people could accomplish this in about an hour and one-half with no anesthesia, just plain local, or some mild oral sedation and local.

The Silhouette Lift™ has been proven with literally several thousand cases reported in Europe, specifically Spain, and is now FDA approved and available through Bafitis Plastic Surgery in this country.

Dr. Bafitis is one of the clinical instructors teaching other surgeons how to use this technique and is proud to state that the technique has impressed him “more than he thought” in terms of natural results with essentially one to four days of swelling only postoperatively.

Dr. Bafitis performs this technique alone or in conjunction with fractional CO2 lasering (Dot™ laser) of the entire face or specific zones.  He also performs this with the concomitant use of Botox but prefers to hold off on the use of any fillers until about 10 days after this procedure.  He feels that the wound-healing phase inherent with this or any procedure may, in fact, “eat up” the filler material more quickly if placed at the same time.

Dr. Bafitis is thrilled to offer this procedure and will have regular monthly teaching courses for other physicians.  He is offering this procedure at a discounted rate to those patients who want to partake in the teaching course.  Rest assured that he will be the surgeon performing the surgery.


The use of Ultherapy coupled with the Silhouette™ lift has provided patients with significant improvement in most cases equal to a full surgical face and neck lift.

Dr. Bafitis states that the advances made in nonsurgical rejuvenation are astounding to the point where it is almost science fiction meeting modern medicine.

Bafitis says stay tuned for these cost-effective, minimal to no downtime procedures, as they will be the norm in the future. Of course, Dr. Bafitis states that not everybody is a candidate and many continue to benefit from the full check and neck lift as well as foreheadplasty.  However, the days of having no alternatives are over!

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