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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery (Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington Fl)

Lifting and reshaping the forehead, the upper and lower eyelids, reshaping and lifting the cheeks/mid-face and creating a youthful neck and chin/neck contour.

Your face should reflect and radiate your own personal inner glow: Happy to be alive and ready to face another challenge as you go through your life cycle.

Nothing is as bad and negative in regards to a first impression as a tired or angry looking expression; reflected in a saggy brow, droopy eyelids or a laxed, hanging neck. This is especially true when the essence of the person is about youth and vitality (regardless of age). People unfortunately are often drawn to these obvious signs of aging and gravity, rather than the inner beauty of the individual.

“In facial rejuvenation the harmony of maintaining individuality with a natural, healthy, restful look must shine through!”
– Dr. Harold Bafitis

WHY Balanced Facial Rejuvenation Works

Patients universally rave about the more relaxed and youthful look they achieve after properly done plastic surgery.

Lifting and reshaping the brow, usually through a minimal incision endoscopic approach, can be dramatic. So can bringing back the natural contour of the upper and lower lids and restoring the fullness of youth in the cheeks – not over skeletonizing the eyes and making them look like a “medical curiosity.”

By doing the proper technical work, one can sculpt the neck the right way; (remember, nothing lasts ten years if it is called Band-Aid, weekend or “S” lift surgery!) These pre-op and post-op photos speak for themselves. The upper photos reflect a four-year “post-op” including a necklift. The lower photo is reflective of forehead plasty and upper eyelid surgery.

The Challenges of Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation has been noted by many cosmetic plastic surgeons to be extremely difficult in achieving a natural, relaxed, un-operated look. A patient must trust the artistry and scientific technique of the surgeon to create a sculpture that will look natural and “age” well. Dr. Harold Bafitis, has a national reputation.

Dr. Bafitis has led teaching conferences at national cosmetic plastic surgery meetings, sharing his techniques with procedures ranging from endoscopic foreheadplasty to rhinoplasty and sculpting and reshaping the neck. He has performed live surgery on closed circuit TV, with literally hundreds of cosmetic surgeons and resident plastic surgeons in attendance. Dr. Bafitis has hosted local teaching seminars including techniques that improve the previously operated nose, poorly done hair transplants, and sculpting, lifting and reshaping the neck.

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation:


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