Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal exampleLaser Hair Removal

The laser beam penetrates your skin and gets absorbed in the hair follicle residing under the skin surface. The laser energy destroys the follicle with the heat that it generates. Because the laser beam is large in diameter, it affects a large number of hairs simultaneously.

This technique removes all unwanted hair: Sessions for an upper lip or small bikini area can take as little as 15 minutes, while larger areas on back and legs may require up to 60 minutes or more. These are pre-op and 4 weeks post photos.

Laser hair removal on backUnlike electrolysis, which requires a needle to be inserted into each hair follicle, this laser system can be used to quickly treat large areas of the body. It is a safe and gentle method for removing unwanted hair without skin irritation, discoloration or inflammation associated with other lasers or hair removal methods.

Did you know that Florida law states the only professionals that can perform these procedures legally, are Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.

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