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Full Service MedSpa in Jupiter / Palm Beach Gardens & Wellington, FL

We are combining what people enjoy most from a resort or spa – with the best available scientific technology to improve your appearance.

  • Microneedling Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Customized Facials: 1/2 hour Facial $35.00 (30 minutes)
  • Microdermabrasion/hydrating mask: $125.00 (40 minutes)
    • A Microdermabrasion can. . .
      1. Greatly enhance poor dull skin texture by gently resurfacing the superficial skin layers.
      2. Soften and modify fine “expression” lines on the forehead and around the mouth.
      3. Polish and reduce fine lines on the cheeks generally caused by aging and sun damage.
      4. Smooth pigment changes or skin discoloration
      5. Reduce enlarge pores: exfoliate and suction out clogged pres
      6. Polish and smooth the margins of acne and burn scars
  • Aroma Therapy Facial: $65.00 (60 minutes)
    • Refreshes and relaxes the skin while soothing the mind by helping to induce a sense of well being. A massage using acupressure points in the facial area to obtain deep relaxation and to prevent stress wrinkles.
  • European Facial: $85.00 (75 minutes)
    • This treatment includes gentle exfolioation. A face, shoulder, neck and decollete massage and a specialized mask for toning and rejuvenation. It concludes with a veil of moisturizer to seal in the benefits and display a vibrant, healthy glow.
  • Collagen Facial: $85.00 (60 minutes)
    • Expericence an exeptional facial treatment with a powerful combination of collagen and elastin. You can never have enough of these proteins offered to your skin. Our Collagen Mask can diminish lines and wrinkles in minutes and can smooth those hard to treat “expresson lines”.
  • Executive Mens Treatments: $55.00 (40-60 minutes)
  • Oxygenating Facials: $110.00 (75 minutes)
    • This is a high performance skin renewal treatment combining oxygen and specialized serums that are formulated specifically for your skin type. This treatment will give your skin a vibrant, radiant glow. It offers antioxidants which will help the skin to fight the harmful sun rays and pollutants.
  • Glycolic Peel (TCA Peels): $65.00 (glycolic packages available)
    • Glycolic Acids are used to exfoliate the epidermis and stimulate the underlying collagen and to improve the texture of the skin. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) work well when combined with Retin-A for prevention of pre-cancerous skin lesions, and this combination may reverse some signs of aging including brown spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Alternative Medical Grade Treatments Available:


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