Bafitis Tummy Tuck known as Bafitis Integrated Liposculpture Abdominoplasty (BILA)

Abdominoplasty/Anterior and Posterior hip roll lipoplasty

“tummy tuck” – Bafitis Integrated Liposculpture Abdominoplasty (“BILA”)
Dr. Bafitis has taken this surgery to a new level with his “BILA” procedure. By combining liposculpture, fat grafting, circumferential tightening, and abdominoplasty, this procedure can now be done with only IV sedation, or in selected patients monitored “awake” sedation. Patients no longer have to be bent forward for weeks and have worries about excessive tension at the incision line. The patient is usually up and walking within a few days (24-48 hours).

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