Rhinoplasty in Palm Beach an early seven-month result

Natural contour and natural result. The patient can expect the nose to progress to smaller overall size in about one- two years.

Every rhinoplasty is unique – on this patient we did the lower lateral crural strut graft, spreader grafts, tip graft as well as crust cartilage grafts, septoplasty, and turbinoplasty.

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Dr. Harold Bafitis, a local plastic surgeon, in Palm Beach has a national reputation when it comes to rhinoplasty. Dr. Bafitis has led teaching conferences at national cosmetic plastic surgery meetings; sharing his technique with integrated rhinoplasty. He has done this 7 times over the last 12 years – and has performed live nasal surgery, on close circuit TV, with literally hundreds of cosmetic surgeons and resident plastic surgeons in attendance.