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A Comprehensive Anti Aging Program

Anti Aging Medicine & The Regenesis Now Program

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Diet, exercise, hormone replacement, and a good plastic surgeon can assist you in aging gracefully.

A comprehensive anti aging program includes all of the following and is provided for you by the medical offices of:

Harold Bafitis, D.O., M.P.H., F.A.C.O.S., F.A.A.C.S.
Plastic Surgery Institute of the Palm Beaches, Inc.
Plastic/reconstructive surgery; general surgery

  1. Hormonal Regulation and Control:
    Obtaining a detailed panel of key hormones that decline with age (different for both male and female), those include GH, thyroid hormone, DHEA, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. Replacing levels with “physiologic” doses when needed (when levels are low), to a level of a 30-35 year old; Improving pituitary function naturally by providing essential proteins (secretagogues) which will boost function, regulate and naturally improve overall hormone levels naturally. Provide follow up tests to regulate levels. Please note: our office participates in on-going research with other anti-aging centers around the country.
  2. Supplementation:
    Your body’s cells need to be bathed in a physiologic “chicken soup” of vitamins and anti-oxidants. The cell’s energy regulators, the mitochondria, function most effectively in this “bath”, and overall cellular functions are improved. Scientific research has substantiated that unfortunately our present diets can not provide us with all the vitamins and anti-oxidants needed, so specific controlled supplementation is paramount. We provide you with the correct doses and types of supplements, all based on scientific research not anecdotal tales.
  3. An Anti-Aging Nutritional Program:
    No magic formulas but some variation of a lower carbohydrate lifestyle; not “no” carbohydrates but lower Carbs. Information is thoroughly provided and individualized for every patient.
  4. Exercise:
    Anaerobic/resistance training (weight training) coupled with flexibility is paramount in our wellness/anti-aging model. This is coupled with aerobic exercises i.e.: running, swimming, jogging, treadmill, etc. A detailed program is personalized for each patient.
  5. Stress Management:
    The rigors of the information age, and living in the year 2000 and beyond are taking a toll on our minds and bodies. Research has clearly shown detrimental biochemical changes occur with chronic stress (time urgency, emotional turmoil, out of “balance” situations). Controlling stress by various modalities can reverse these changes and is a cornerstone to any anti-aging program.

Medical and Scientific knowledge is doubling every 3 1/2 years which means in 20 years we will know 64 times more about disease and aging than we currently know. Imagine the possible health advances in the next two decades alone.

The future is now! Breakthroughs are available now, all backed by science and a myriad of research studies.

What Is Science And Research Telling Us?

They are finding out what more than 10,000 studies and 30 years of research have proven, that the understanding of Growth Hormone (GH) may be the most important medical breakthrough of the twentieth century! Dr. Ronald Klatz, President of the American Academy of Anti Aging, suggests in his best selling book “Grow Young With HGH,” that the discovery of GH replacement may well allow human beings to live an additional 20-30 productive, active, extra years of life to enjoy with their families. So what would an extra 5, 10, or 20 years of your life be worth to you?

Dr. Daniel Rudman published his findings in the New England Journal of Medicine on GH and its affect on the aging process. Higher IGF-1 levels (the primary metabolite of GH), due to increased GH stimulation affects every cell in the body. He studied a group of men ages 61-81 and observed a biological reversing of aging from 10-20 years within six months of taking (at that time) injectable GH.

Dr. Edmund Chein monitored 202 patients on GH at the Life Extension Institute in Palm Springs and observed improvement in muscle size, strength, and exercise levels in more than 81% of his patients. He also observed improvement in joint flexibility in more than 71% of patients.

What Must I do To Grow Young?

Willingness to participate fully is essential – and on a long term basis – THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES. Antiaging medicine works and works dramatically, with quantifiable (measurable) results.

It is possible today, in the 21st century, to live better and positively alter the natural changes that define the arc of a well lived life.

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Cut out high glycemic carbohydrates: Bread pasta, rice, cereals, candy, baked goods, pretzels, sweets, etc. This is especially important to get the full benefits of your hormone replacement program.

What is a Precursor?

These natural substances, mostly amino acids, increase Growth Hormone production. Within the price range of virtually every “baby boomer” are the all natural GH precursors. These are designed to encourage the pituitary to release more Growth Hormone. According to researchers, breakthrough precursors may mirror the body’s natural secretion patterns. We offer a “Growth Intensifying Program” which contains Glyco Amino Stimulating Precursors, Hormonal Stimulating Precursors and Serotonin Stimulating Precursors. Collectively, these three stimulators provide triple-punch for supporting the body’s production of Growth Hormone.

Numerous research indicates that the amino acids L-arginine, L-ornithine, L-glutamine, and L-lysine can stimulate Growth Hormone release from the pituitary gland.  Adrenal Hormones, such as DHEA may play a synergistic role in the release of GH as well as Melatonin produced by the pineal gland. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter Hormone.It is involved in brain physiology and stimulates the secretion of GH.

Double blind, placebo-controlled, cross over studies clearly demonstrated that GH levels were significantly increased with the introduction of a Serotonin receptor agonist. The Glyco Amino Stimulating Precursors in Growth Span IV have clearly demonstrated to be the ideal dietary supplement for supporting the body’s production of GH. Potential applications for immune system maintenance, muscle growth and fat reduction are significant.

The Finest Option Available:

Oral application Growth Hormone was produced after years of research and development, and is the world’s first biologically active Growth Hormone delivered by oral spray.  It is absorbed and digested. It is a synergistic combination of Amino Acids. It is actually a simulator of Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1), which mirrors the body’s secretion of Human Growth Hormone.

The Growth Span is a promoter of GH-release and IGF-1 formation. It is designed to stimulate the release of Growth Hormone in males and females who are prematurely aging due to a GH deficiency.  As we have already established, GH is stimulated by the hypothalamus and produced by the pituitary gland. It is available in various synthetic forms as well.

Injectable GH has been used for about 30 years and is available for the various physicians who deal with Hormone replacement. This is very painful and very costly, from $800-$1,000 a month.

Your alternative to daily injections is oral application: “Oral Spray GH” and/or by “Growth Span IV” Precursor tablets. For just a few dollars a day, anyone can now enjoy the benefits of renewed Growth Hormone levels once reserved for the rich and famous.

A 3-6 month commitment to the program is suggested, although many people will notice an immediate effect within a few weeks. Furthermore, there are no reported complications as opposed to HGH injections which may cause various side effects if improperly administered.  Oral Spray GH has been used by thousands of people for the last 18 months in clinics across the U.S. containing a biologically active Growth Hormone designed to rejuvenate the body’s own GH production mechanism. We have developed the product to mimic natures own perfectly orchestrated delivery system.

Oral Spray GH simulates natural GH production. Unlike injection – our system does not administer mega doses of human growth hormones, (designed for therapeutic purposes and the treatment of disease). We believe science is best when it mirrors nature.

What is GH?

GH, or Growth Hormone, is produced by the pituitary gland deep inside the brain. It influences the growth of cells, bones, muscles and organs throughout the body. The secretion of GH peaks by the early 20’s when structural growth diminishes. Increased GH levels improve the function of the pituitary and the hypothalamus gland. This is considered the master gland, controlling nutrients, electrolytes, water, moods, stress, energy, strength levels, and hormones in the bloodstream.

GH is one of many endocrine hormones, like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, melatonin, and DHEA that all decline in production with age. While many of these hormones can be replaced to deter some of the effects of aging, GH reaches far beyond the scope of any of these hormones. Not only does it suppress biological aging, but it acts to significantly reverse a broad range of physical effects associated with the aging process.

GH affects almost every cell in the body, helping to restore skin, bones, heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys to their former youthful levels. Furthermore, the immune system is revitalized. Some call it Health in a Bottle!

Welcome to the rest of your life. It’s not just years to your life but is truly… Life to Your Years.

Imagine the Possibilities:

  • Restoring Muscle Mass & Strength
  • Decreasing Body Fat
  • Restoring Lost Hair & Color
  • Increasing Energy
  • Improving Skin Hydration
  • Improving Cholesterol Profile
  • Improving Vision & Memory
  • Elevating Mood & Improving Sleep
  • Strengthens the Function of the Heart
  • Normalizing Blood Pressure

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