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Tummy Tuck & BILA

Tummy Tuck Surgery by Dr. Harold Bafitis (Jupiter/Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, Palm Beach Fl)

THE PROCEDURE: “Tummy Tuck 2.0″ – Bafitis Integrated Liposculpture Abdominoplasty (“BILA”)

For many of us, nothing is quite as damaging to our overall appearance, self-image, and ego than if and when we find ourselves donning a belly that’s sized out of proportion with the rest of our body. Other people’s attention tends to, unfortunately, be drawn to the perceived defect rather than to the inner beauty of the individual. This can be overcome either by achieving a saintly degree of inner beauty, such as the beloved Mother Teresa, through sustained vigorous exercise and strict dietary change (though this is not attainable nor sustainable for many; our metabolism is negatively affected by weight loss, making it very difficult to sustain), or rather, it can be overcome through surgery.

Compounding this problem of feeling like you take up too much space is usually the inability to keep your abdomen flat and letting this turn into a preoccupation, coloring how you experience nearly every single day.  You may overindulge at dinner, and suddenly your jeans don’t fit quite as nicely and you shift in your seat trying to adjust.  You find yourself with a lower abdominal bulge that will not go away, even after endless rounds of sit-ups.  It is important to note that there is a psychological component.  Our time is our most precious element, if you or someone you love is unduly preoccupied with their weight please get help, they may have an eating disorder.  You can start by clicking here.

Even if you do decide to find your inner gym rat and shed the pounds, there is usually still a significant amount of loose skin, laden with stretch marks.  This can be especially true if you’ve had a previous surgery, or for women who have given birth.  Apart from accepting them and perhaps even playfully suggesting to yourself they’re your tiger stripes, few treatment options exist for stretch marks.  Shedding excess skin is, sadly, not usually covered by most personal trainers’ and/or gym membership fees.  You have to wonder which option, sweating or surgery, is actually more cost effective.

Tummy Tuck technique

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Why Circumferential Tightening Works

To achieve results as seen in these dramatic pre-op and post-op photos, advancements in the latest surgical techniques and integrated procedures have been employed by Dr. Bafitis.  He has been training other surgeons for over 26 years, passing on his methods of achieving results that are either better or  simply previously unachievable, in order to catalyze advancements within the next generation of surgeons.

By combining liposculpture, fat grafting, circumferential tightening, and abdominoplasty, this procedure called BILA, Dr. Bafitis’ Integrated Lipo-Abdominoplasty, can now be done with only IV sedation, or in selected patients monitored “awake” sedation. Patients no longer have to be bent forward for weeks and have worries about excessive tension at the incision line. The patient is usually up and walking within a few days (24-48 hours).

The circumferential contouring can create a dramatic improvement. The last step will be creating a more natural oval shape to the umbilicus (belly button) which will enhance a natural contour of the abdomen. With new fat grafting techniques and the use of ACell (biologically active cellulose matrix that tells your own cells to grow and heal), a fuller, more youthful gluteal (derriere) can be created that far outlasts what little permanence fat grafts are generally considered to have.

Bafitis fat grafting techniques

Protruding Abdomen: There Could Be an Underlying Issue

Not all of a plastic surgeon’s work appeals to vanity, and certainly Dr. Bafitis has a good balance of the two at his surgical center. One possible cause of a protruding abdomen is actually a hernia, which has the potential to cause problems possibly necessitating surgery.  In fact, in the general population one of the most common medical problems leading to surgery is an abdominal wall hernia (source).  Abdominal wall hernias may be completely free of symptoms, or they may be painful.  Rarely, they can lead to serious complications requiring emergency surgery.

With the procedure’s established commonality, one would think that abdominal wall hernia repair would have been married to the tummy tuck long ago.  Before recently however, it was unheard of.  By now you may know Dr. Bafitis well enough to guess that he has in fact addressed this issue by engineering a way to make that combination possible: Component Separation with Abdominoplasty and Liposculpting (or otherwise known as a Tummy Tuck with Hernia Repair).

His technique of component separation with the use of an acellular absorbable matrix allows for both hernia repair and enhanced correction of abdominal wall laxity. It may even be possible to have the majority of surgical costs paid for by your insurance company. Read more about Dr. Bafitis’ Component Separation with Abdominoplasty and Liposculpting technique here.

Dr. Bafitis has taken this “tummy tuck” surgery to a new level with his “BILA” procedure, and then yet again with his combined BILA and abdominal hernia repair. The patients and results speak for themselves. Don’t trust the most difficult cosmetic procedure to someone less than an expert in the field.

If Going Under the Knife is a Deal Breaker: You Still Have Options

If you’re looking to achieve a slimmer appearance without surgery, SculpSure has proven itself a viable alternative. In just 25 (literally) painless minutes and with zero downtime afterwards, SculpSure’s innovative technology will permanently destroy 24% of treated fat cells in problem areas in one treatment. The effect is additive with a second treatment recommended at 6-8 weeks.










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