Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Surgery by Dr Harold Bafitis (Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington Fl)

THE PROCEDURE:“tummy tuck” – Bafitis Integrated Liposculpture Abdominoplasty (“BILA”)

Nothing is as bad, and negative to your overall appearance and ego, than an out-of-proportion torso and lower abdomen. Other people are unfortunately drawn to the defect rather than to the inner beauty of the individual.

Compounding this problem is usually an inability to keep your abdomen flat, especially after a full meal. A lower abdominal bulge that will not go away, even after endless sit-ups.

There is usually loose skin with significant stretch marks, especially after pregnancy or previous surgery. Often there is excess fat in the flanks and back. Even a compounding abdominal  incisional hernia can be part of this “tummy” experience so common to women – even showing up in men. Often the gluteal area has lost its fullness; and now there is a “flat bottom” with a full rounded tummy!

Tummy Tuck technique

Why circumferential tightening works

Usually removing loose skin alone cannot solve the problems stated above. To achieve results as seen in these dramatic pre-op and post-op  photos, newer and advanced, integrated procedures are employed.

Often a “beer belly” as seen above can be completely corrected in a special  modified surgery. Often, tightening abdominal muscles will provide internal support that will last a lifetime. This can be achieved by correcting any  hernias that are present, as well as lipoplasty of the anterior and posterior hip rolls, low back and the entire abdomen.

The circumferential contouring can create a dramatic improvement. The last step will be creating a more natural oval shape to the umbilicus (belly button) which will enhance a natural contour of the abdomen. With new fat grafting techniques, a fuller, more youthful gluteal (derriere) can be created that lasts!

Bafitis fat grafting techniques


Dr. Bafitis has taken this “tummy tuck” surgery to a new level with his “BILA” procedure.  By combining liposculpture, fat grafting, circumferential tightening, and abdominoplasty, this procedure can now be done with only IV sedation, or in selected patients monitored “awake” sedation.

Patients no longer have to be bent forward for weeks and have worries about excessive tension at the incision line. The patient is usually up and walking within a few days (24-48 hours). Drains are limited and often not necessary.

The patients and results speak for themselves. Don’t trust the most difficult cosmetic procedure to someone less than an expert in the field.

Many people may not need to go under the knife for a tummy tuck.

If you have a lower abdominal bulge or hip roll bulge that will not go away even after endless sit-ups and eating right – you may be a candidate for a new non-surgical treatment. CoolSculpting® can reduce the fat layer by 25-30% in just one treatment.

Coolsculpting after one treatment

Dr. Bafitis now offers a revolutionary new non-surgical body contouring treatment that precisely targets stubborn fat. It’s never been easier to sculpt the body naturally, safely and without surgery or downtime. CoolSculpting® is FDA-cleared with undeniable results after just one treatment. Bafitis Plastic Surgery is a Certified Coolsculpting Practice. Get the skinny ask Dr. Bafitis Today!

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