Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty, “Nose Job” Procedure

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The most challenging procedure in cosmetic surgery

“I find rhinoplasty one of my most favorite cosmetic procedures that I perform – it improves so much more than just the nose!” – Dr. Harold Bafitis

Patients universally rave about an overall improvement in their entire facial appearance after a successful rhinoplasty. By reshaping and sculpting the most projecting point of your profile, your nose, balance and harmony as well as a more peaceful appearance is created. Others can perceive this facial balance and believe you are more youthful and relaxed – this has been confirmed by studies on postoperative cosmetic patients.

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As you can see from the dramatic preoperative and postoperative photos above, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) can absolutely enhance your appearance. Yes, enhance your appearance in a bold and positive way; balancing all other facial features – and improving function as well as structure. If you’re considering rhinoplasty in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens or Wellington, FL, give us a call!

Rhinoplasty has been noted by many cosmetic plastic surgeons to be “the” most difficult surgery. A patient must trust the artistry and scientific technique of the surgeon to create a sculpture that will look natural and “age” well.

Dr. Harold Bafitis, a plastic surgeon in Palm Beach who serves Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, and the general south Florida markets, has a national reputation when it comes to performing rhinoplasty procedures. Dr. Bafitis has led teaching conferences at national cosmetic plastic surgery meetings, sharing his technique with integrated rhinoplasty. He has done this 7 times over the last 12 years – and has performed live nasal surgery, on close circuit TV, with literally hundreds of cosmetic surgeons and resident plastic surgeons in attendance. He has also recently been asked to author a chapter in a medical textbook on rhinoplasty techniques.

Dr. Bafitis has hosted local teaching seminars on rhinoplasty including techniques that improve previously operated noses that have been surgically “crippled”. Dr. Bafitis has over 590 rhinoplasty clients and counting.


Don’t trust the most difficult cosmetic procedure to someone less than an expert in the field.